i’m at grand ballroom lobby with #nafsa

i’m at grand ballroom lobby with #nafsa12 @nafsatechmig tweetup until 1:00. come join us and meet the tweeters!


Immigration Update from NAFSA

I think that the following comprehensive immigration update is a great resource.  It also provides a comprehensive list of NAFSA 2012 sessions related to SEVIS and immigration.  For those who are not able to attend, I am posting the following document for your reference.  Immigration Update and Session Guide, NAFSA 2012

Also, I was excited to see that the very last session listed on page 21 is mine!

Leymah Gbowee – I love your courage and passion!

And, of course I cannot wait to meet one of my heroines, Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Laureaute for her work to bring peace to men and women of Liberia!

You can watch this TED video to hear her speak about her love for Liberia and how she is helping turn her country around!

Google Drive – a new kid in the cloud!

Cloud computing makes the productivity/efficiency part of me happy

My dreams of storing, sharing and accessing data in the cloud are coming to fruition.  This morning my dear friend and colleague, Ryan Thomas, at University of Illinois alerted me to some very exciting news.

Google Apps has a new baby!  It’s Google Drive.  Sure is nice to be able to share and use Google Docs and also be able to store them in Drop-Box-like fashion on Google Drive.  Before I get too excited, it will be prudent to compare and contrast features and fine print of legal agreements for cloud products.  The following article from The Telegraph does a fine job providing a bird’s eye view of each of these products.

Price-per-gigabyte for cloud storage options

And, of course, there is security to consider.  It is begin to look like it might be safe to store some types of sensitive data in the cloud.   I’m not ready yet.  I am going to rely on IT Security expert advice from University of Illinois colleagues.  And, I would like to attend several workshops to get more information and understand details and possible ramifications of storing sensitive data on someone else’s server.

Also, there are more storage provider options.  Gizmodo recommends a cloud storage claims the Ultimate Victor is SugarSync.  I’ve never even heard of SugarSynch before today!  Check this out:   Gizmodo’s budget winner is Google User Managed Storage.  Free winner is Microsoft’s SkyDrive and your Mom’s winner is DropBox.  See chart to the left for comparison of price-per-gigabyte.

Now back to you!  I would sure love as much input as possible about cloud storage.  Help me learn more about computing in the cloud.  I am especially interested in security and legal aspects.

Google Plus Hangouts On-Air going live soon

Thanks to international education social media guru Ed Cabellon for alerting me about Google Plus Hangouts On-Air!

“If you were wondering why Google Plus mattered, you now have a strong reason in Hangouts.  While Facebook = Social; Twitter = Information; LinkedIn = Professional; and Pinterest = Visual… now Google Plus = Group Productivity.”


Going to get up extra early tomorrow morning to learn more about On-Air for Google Hangouts!


Holy Donkey Kong! Online form building is easy!

Jamaican monkey business – Photo credit Photobucket “Unique and Funny Pic”

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with all the monkey business involved with creating online forms and managing responses.  I know that many of us are about one slip on a banana peel away from going crazy due to daily use of clunky software.  Since I know many of you, like me, are suffering, I just have to share my latest technology find.

About three months ago I started using Google Docs and Forms and this made me happy.  Today I discovered Wufoo.com, and I think I am in love.  Iam so excited about this great tool that will allow me to build sophisticated online web forms and manage responses.  Kudos to the folks at Wufoo (SurveyMonkey.com, LLC)!  I highly recommend you swing from branch to branch in a direct path to http://wufoo.com and start building forms the easy way!

A great big hug for all of us! SurveyMonkey and Wufoo unite in 2011

Find connections in conference crowds

Finding Connections in the Conference Crowds and more importantly… be the social media baby that everyone wants to play with!

Do you know how to be the social media baby that everyone wants to play with?

I highly recommend Michelle Price’s article at http://socialmediaforsmartpeople.com/ten-effective-uses-social-media-at-industry-conferences/  Michelle has this fascinating blog Social Media for Smart People.  I love her “be the social media everyone wants to play with” saying and article so much that this is my second post about it.  She provides a simple explanation of how to connect with new people at a conference by using social media effectively.