NAFSA12 first-timers – tips

Saddle up pardners for NAFSA12 tech rodeo!

Questions? Try social media options below!

Hi NAFSA12 annual first-timers! Isn’t this exciting!?

Need some tips for how to saddle-up and then giddy-up once you hit Houston?






See NAFSA staff’s first-timers blog at:

Here are my comments that I posted there!Image

Hey, if you are in ISSS office and you would like to meet-up with other ISSS folks and learn and discuss ways to increase productivity and efficiency, have I got just the kit and kaboodle for you!! There is still room left for ISSS Technology dinner meet-ups. Sign up here.

questions? contact . also, to keep up with happenings and latest news now and at the conference, join twitter. It’s EASY. Takes about 2 minutes. Then, once you are there, follow @barnhillJodi @greenstrom and @KaanTrayc (yes I spelled that right!). We are the three lone ISSS cowgirls out there on twitter representing our ISSS peeps. Join us! We are lonely little tweet birds without you. And, you can follow hashtags: #nafsa12 , #nafsaTechMig , #ISSSdinMU , #nafsa12rodeo .

#nafsa12rodeo hashtag provides updates for my nafsa technology session with Kristalina Karsen from Houston Community College and Louise Baldwin from University of Michigan Ann Arbor. It’s Friday, June 1st at 3:15. Make it your last NAFSA12 session and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. #nafsa12rodeo also will keep you apprised of when it is time to tweet live during our session and tweet your response to live poll everywhere surveys. :0) Get a jump and get started now on twitter if you really want to meet fellow ISSS-ians and make most of your NAFSA12 experience.

Finally, giddy up on out to my ISSS technology blog at or join us cowgirls and cowboys at ISSS technology group on facebook at:

“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway”

Be ready to ride in the technology rodeo in Houston NAFSA12!


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