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By Stephanie Martell The NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo brings together thousands of international education professionals from all over the world. This presents an interesting opportunity to network and create connections in the field. But if you arrive at the conference expecting to make connections only through haphazard encounters at sessions, you may achieve only […]

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i’m at grand ballroom lobby with #nafsa

i’m at grand ballroom lobby with #nafsa12 @nafsatechmig tweetup until 1:00. come join us and meet the tweeters!

Google Plus Hangouts On-Air going live soon

Thanks to international education social media guru Ed Cabellon for alerting me about Google Plus Hangouts On-Air!

“If you were wondering why Google Plus mattered, you now have a strong reason in Hangouts.  While Facebook = Social; Twitter = Information; LinkedIn = Professional; and Pinterest = Visual… now Google Plus = Group Productivity.”

Going to get up extra early tomorrow morning to learn more about On-Air for Google Hangouts!


NAFSA12 first-timers – tips

Saddle up pardners for NAFSA12 tech rodeo!

Questions? Try social media options below!

Hi NAFSA12 annual first-timers! Isn’t this exciting!?

Need some tips for how to saddle-up and then giddy-up once you hit Houston?






See NAFSA staff’s first-timers blog at:

Here are my comments that I posted there!Image

Hey, if you are in ISSS office and you would like to meet-up with other ISSS folks and learn and discuss ways to increase productivity and efficiency, have I got just the kit and kaboodle for you!! There is still room left for ISSS Technology dinner meet-ups. Sign up here.

questions? contact . also, to keep up with happenings and latest news now and at the conference, join twitter. It’s EASY. Takes about 2 minutes. Then, once you are there, follow @barnhillJodi @greenstrom and @KaanTrayc (yes I spelled that right!). We are the three lone ISSS cowgirls out there on twitter representing our ISSS peeps. Join us! We are lonely little tweet birds without you. And, you can follow hashtags: #nafsa12 , #nafsaTechMig , #ISSSdinMU , #nafsa12rodeo .

#nafsa12rodeo hashtag provides updates for my nafsa technology session with Kristalina Karsen from Houston Community College and Louise Baldwin from University of Michigan Ann Arbor. It’s Friday, June 1st at 3:15. Make it your last NAFSA12 session and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. #nafsa12rodeo also will keep you apprised of when it is time to tweet live during our session and tweet your response to live poll everywhere surveys. :0) Get a jump and get started now on twitter if you really want to meet fellow ISSS-ians and make most of your NAFSA12 experience.

Finally, giddy up on out to my ISSS technology blog at or join us cowgirls and cowboys at ISSS technology group on facebook at:

“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway”

Be ready to ride in the technology rodeo in Houston NAFSA12!

Two technology tips this week – Be productive and Get Social

Howdy Pardners!  Only 8 weeks (whoops!  make that 7) left until we ride ’em cowboy in Houston!  Did you notice that I am just a little bit excited about NAFSA 2012?  That’s because this is my first-ever NAFSA annual conference and I’ve heard it’s awesome.  Hope you will be there.  If not, contact me and I’ll figure out a way for you to tweet live during my presentation on June 1st.  Also, I’ll make sure that you get every opportunity to participate real-time right from the convenience of your own dude ranch.  I will be pinning things at Pinterest, tweeting and blogging all week.  Don’t miss out!


Not only am I excited about attending NAFSA 2012 but I am ecstatic about co-presenting a technology session with Louise Baldwin from University of Michigan Ann Arbor and Kristalina Karsen from Houston Community College.  NAFSA staff gave me this really nifty icon to use!  NAFSA 2012 presentation.

Grrrrrrr! This blogging is hard work.

This blogging thing is hard work, and last week I missed my deadline to send you a technology tip.  (okay, maybe i was watching a few too many youtube videos.)  So, this week, I am going to make it up to you by giving you double the bang for your buck!

The following technology tips are mustees for those who would like to get your professional life in order!  What does it mean for something to be mustee?  Well, my Grandpa Almos used to tell me that my Grandma Rubye’s rhubarb pie was mustee.  When I asked him what that meant, he said: “i must eat all of it”.  After he passed away in 1991, sometimes I wondered to myself “was he saying must-eat or musty?”  I am pretty sure he was saying mustee.  In my professional life, something is mustee if I must learn everything I can about it.  I mustee Productivity and Social Media.

Technology Tip 8: Be Productive – use the appropriate combination of common sense and technology
Technology Tip 7: Get Social – build your social media empire

Technology tips 7 and 8 have been covered extensively by some folks who have been riding in the technology rodeo a lot longer than me.  So, instead of recreating the wheel, I am providing you links to to some awesome resources from two of my favorite productivity and social media experts.  Whether or not you are in higher education, you are going to love Ed Cabellon and Scott Hanselman.  And, you will soon find yourself, like me, wishing you knew about them a long time ago.

Ed Cabellon - social media guru

Get Social – Meet Ed Cabellon. 

His blog is where higher education, emerging technology and social media come together!   If you are using social media, then, you are going to be ecstatic to find the golden nuggets in Ed Cabellon’s blogs about social media.  Start with A Student Affairs Social Media Plan.  If you are not using social media, then, Ed Cabellon’s blog will be the best thing that has happened to you since you received your last salary increase!  Either way, Ed is offering up pure gold for you and your career.

Scott Hanselman
Productivity expert

Be productive – Meet Scott Hanselman.

It’s not what you read, it’s what you ignore is Scott’s brilliant presentation regarding productivity.  If you do not want to listen to Scott’s witty banter with conference attendees in New Zealand, simply fast forward through first couple of minutes. He is the perfect combination of intellectual, comedian, computer programmer and productivity expert!   He has one of the best presentations I have seen regarding productivity.  It is practical and easy to implement.  I have implemented five of his tips, and my life is 200% less stressful.

From: Use of Social Media Tools in Higher Education
Ed Cabellon, et. al. ACPA 2012

I hope, if you haven’t already discovered these two, that you will be able to enjoy learning from them as much as I have.  Their tips, ideas and advice can significantly improve your professional and personal life.  Now back to you pardners!  What is on your “mustee” list? Please share.  Also, what do you think about Ed Cabellon and Steve Hanselman?  Are they awesome or what?!

How do you like me as a tiger above?  ISSS colleague Kara Johnson took this photo and our colleague Emma Swift painted me up as a tiger on our way home to Champaign, Illinois from a NAFSA Region V conference in Milwaukee.  See why I love working in international education field and NAFSA conferences?

The great people I work with @
University of Illinois ISSS!